Kannada Actress Ragini Profile and Biography

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Ragini Diwedi is a very well known Kannada film Actress who has done lot of Kannada movies however Kannada Actress Rangini Diwedi is famous in Tamil Nadu film Industry also. Lets Know about her career and other aspects of Kannada Actress Ragini Diwedi's films.

Kannada Actress Ragini Diwedi

Kannada Actress Ragini Diwedi was born in the year 1990 on may 24th. In such a early age i.e 21 years Kannada Actress Ragini entered the movie career by a Kannada movie called Veera Madakari. Another Kannada actress like Ragni is, Kannada Actress Nikitha

Kannada Actress Ragini Diwedi is a very well known South-Indian Actress who has enacted in Tamil and Kannada movies. Although Kannada Actress Ragini Diwedi's Kannada movies list is only more. Kannada Actress Ragini is very well known for her beautiful looks and also her sexy body and her beautiful hair!

Kannada Actress Ragini Diwedi is a Bangalore-based 21 year old beauty.Kannada Actress Raagini Dwivedi is an exception among beauty pageant winners turning actresses. Actually Kannada Actress Ragini Diwedi was an actress first and then only she became a winner at the pageant i.e in the Femina Miss India.Kannada Actress Ragini Diwedi is a Punjabi by origin.

Kannada Actress Ragini Diwedi was a famous model before she entered the film industry. The modeling career only took a new path from modeling to Kannada film industry. Kannada Actress Ragini has won many beauty related titles.Kannada Actress Ragini Diwedi also won a runner up award in Femina Miss South India award held in Chennai in the year 2009.Also Kannada Actress Ragini Diwedi won Miss Beautiful hair title at the Femina Miss India award!

Kannada Actress Ragini Diwedi Film Career :

Kannada Actress Ragini DIwedi entered the Kannada movies by her debut film Veera Madakari opposite of Kannada super star and actor Sudeep. This Kannada movie Veera madakari saw a huge hit! This made Kannada Actress Ragini's Career to go up and from when she got more Kannada offers. It so happened that Prasad Bidappa recognized Kannada Actress Ragini's face and introduced her as one of the promising models in 2008. That was a modest beginning of Kannada Actress Ragini's life compared to the position as she is in now. Kannada Actress Ragini must say all thanks to Kannada Actor Sudeep. After that, there was no turning back for Kannada Actress Ragini Diwedi. After making a name for herself as a model, many film offers came Kannada Actress Ragini's way. But, Kannada Actress Ragini Diwedi did not take any of them seriously till Kannada Actor Sudeep called her to star opposite him in a film forcefully. It was a remake of the Telugu hit Vikramarkudu. Fortunately, the Kannada version Veera Madakari, did extremely well, and Kannada Actress Ragini Diwedi found a permanent place in the Kannada film industry.

Also because of her Kannada film industry career graph up boosted up Kannada Actress Ragini Diwedi's in other Film industries like Tamil film industry,Malyalam film Industries. Last year i.e in the year 2010. Kannada Actress Ragini Diwedi entered the Malayalam film Industry i.e Mollywood through a movie named Kandahar. In a recent media interview Kannada Actress Ragini Diwedi would also enter Bollywood!

Kannada Actress Ragini Diwedi's Filmography

Kannada :

2012 - Tippu (yet to be filmed)

2012 - Namo Venkatesha (yet to be filmed)

2012 - Shiva (yet to be filmed)

2011 - Kanchana (filming)

2011 - Kalla Malla Sulla (fiming)

2011 - Ommomme(filming)

2011- Happy Husband(filming)

2011 - Kempe Gowda

2011 - Mallikarjuna

2010- Nayaka

2010 - Gandedhe

2010 - Holi

2010 - Shankar IPS

2009 - Veera Madakari

2009- Gokula

Tamil :

2011 - Ariyaan (Filming)


2011 - Puthumukhangal

2010- Kandahar

Kannada Actress Biography in summary :

Full Name : Ragini Diwedi

Popular Name : Ragini

Date of Birth : 24th May 1990

Age : 21 years

Birth Place: Bangalore,Karnataka,India.

Film Career started in the year : 2009.

Career : Actress,Model.

Key features : Great body,beautiful hair.

Runner up in Femina Miss South India in the year 2009,Beautiful hair title in Femina Miss India Contest.

Kannada Movie Debut : Veera Madakari opposite of Kannada Actor Sudeep.

Tamil Movie Debut : Ariyaan (still filming)

Malayalam Movie Debut : Kandahar.

Key features in Acting : Most fashionable.

Modeling Career : Kannada Actress started Modeling career when she was in 12th standard.

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