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    Topic Based Resource Contest - Hotels, Resorts, Malls, corporate office in Bangalore

    Dear all,
    Here is the topic based resource contest you expect. Members interested to participate in this contest should write article about Hotels, Resorts, Malls, corporate office in Bangalore.


    1. Only article with length minimum 250 words are eligible.
    2. Your article heading should contain the word Bangalore.
    3. Should not copy from other resources.


    1. Best hotel in Bangalore
    2. Best Western Hotel Bangalore - address and room cost.
    3. Park hotel review Bangalore
    4. Article about Wipro, Dell

    Tips to write article

    Use Wikipedia and other references to write the article. Don't copy as such. Read it and write in your own words. Use sentence like "My brother is working in that company", "I stayed in that hotel".


    1. The first prize of the Contest is Rs 150 + 150 points
    2. Second prize is Rs 75 + 75 points
    3. Additionally, each and every article under this contest will be given better cash credits.

    Post the link of your article as a response below. Don't forget to submit your link.

    Last Date - 30th January 2013
  • #1181
    Is this contest still there as the last date is over long back?


  • #1182
    No the contest is over, still you can post article about Karnataka.

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