First harvest festival in karnataka-makara sankranthi 2020

Makara sankranthi is a festival celebrated over many years in karnataka.The sun changes its direction from south pole towards north pole this is uthrayana. Earlier to makara sankrathi it is dakshinayana,the direction of movement from north pole towards south pole.

This day the farmers get their harvest and perform religious pooja for it.The oxes,cows and bullock carts used for farming are decorated colourfully with flowers and tapes.The horns are painted with different colours.

Sweets and kichdi are made from moong dhal and rice. A special mixture
of white til seeds,fried ground nuts,kadalefine pieces of jaggery is used with dried coconut pieces called as yellu-bella.This helps in improving the heat in the body which will fight as a thresold against winter season.This is distributed to the relatives and friends thus help in building better social relationships.
We wish you all a happy makara sankranthi 2020.