Why child is not eating breakfast, lunch at school?

Most of the parents have these complaints. My child is not eating breakfast? the reply is yes, child is not prepared to eat what the mother likes or is able to prepare quickly.

Everyday as soons as the child comes from school, they are either visualsing the television or with the latest games in the mobile. They are lazy and homeworks are completed by parents. The child is late to bed and again late to rise the next morning.

Now they are in a hurry to get ready in search of their dress, accessories thus end up going empty stomach to school. They donot even consume the water essential for a healthy

The child loves to eat and relish the food of his/her choice but parents just fill the snack box with lots of biscuits and cakes readily available in the market. Once the child eats these food he or she looses their appetite and cannot eat food during the lunch break.