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    How to choose the best topic to post content in

    All of you know that posting content that are often searched by people will get more traffic than topics that are not really searched often.

    For example, a resource about Karnataka Premier League Cricket tournament may bring several times more traffic and revenue than a great article written about 'Football tournament'. The reason is simple: There are lot more people searching in internet for cricket.

    So, if you can identify the topics that are searched often and post resources about it, there is a huge potential to earn lot of revenue.

    Here is a very simple trick to find the topics that are commonly searched in internet (related to Karnataka):

    - Go to (Using the search toolbars may not work. You have to go to the actual website)

    - Type Karnataka (Do not press Enter or the Search button). By the time you finish typing the word Karnataka, Google will show you the popular search phrases starting with the word Karnataka.

    - Now type another letter after the word 'Karnataka ' (A, B etc). So, if you type Karnataka A, Google will show you all popular search phrases starting with that (Examples: Karnataka Airports, Karnataka Assembly etc). Pick the phrases that are interesting for you and write small articles about it. Make sure you use the exact search phrases as the title of your resources.

    After you finish with letter 'A', you can look for 'Karnataka B' and find phrases starting with Karnataka B.

    Link your related resources each other

    You may write several resources

    If you are familiar with HTML and hyperlinks, you can link each of your related resources together by giving hyperlinks. Remember to use the keywords as anchor text for the hyperlinks.

    You may write multiple resources on each topic. For example, if you identify the search phrase 'Karnataka Premier League', instead of posting one resource with the title 'Karnataka Premier League', post several resources with the titles like:

    Karnataka Premier League schedule for 2010
    Karnataka Premier League teams and players
    Karnataka Premier League - how the auction works
    Karnataka Premier League prizes

    Remember that each resource should have atleast 20 sentences and you should repeat the keywords few times in a meaningful way.

    Also, if you write 4 resources about 'Karnataka Premier League', try to give a hyperlink from each one of those to other related posts. For example, in the resource 'Karnataka Premier League schedule for 2010', you may add a line like this:

    Read more about Karnataka Premier League teams and players.

    Note how I used the anchor text in the hyperlink. The anchor text in the hyperlink is same the title of the target resource. This step will add lot of value to the search engine optimization.
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    Thank you sir for this Tips for posting in resource section. This is a great way to get more traffic on our posted contents.

    Thank You.

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