Keyword based Resource contest

We are starting a keyword based resource contest. From time to time, we will announce some special, highly searched keywords as part of the contest. You can write resource about those keywords and post them in any suitable category in our resources section.

The contest will be open for 2 weeks for each keyword/phrase we announce. After 2 weeks, we will announce the winner. The winner will receive Rs 200 cash credits as a special prize.

All participants in this contest will receive the regular cash credits and points for the resource they submit. In addition, the keywords that we announce will be highly targeted, highly paid and highly searched keywords with low competition. This means, the resources on those subjects will have high potential of getting search engine traffic and earning revenue.

The keyword phrases we announce will include 2 to 4 words. Your resource must include each of those keywords in the title in a meaningful way. For example, if the keywords announced are "Karnataka Engineering colleges", you may post resources as shown below:

1. Best engineering colleges in Karnataka

2. How to get admission in engineering colleges in Karnataka

3. Karnataka Engineering college admissions

4. Fees in Karnataka Engineering colleges

We do not encourage having links to external sites from the resources. However, you may give links to any other related pages within

After you submit a resource related to the keywords announced by us, you must post a response in the forum announcement with a link to your resource so that we can easily locate your contest entries.

We will soon announce the first keyword based resource contest. Watch our announcements.