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    Important posting guideline - Must follow for Song lyrics Updated

    As you are aware that members are posting a lot of song lyrics here at KSR a lot of them are copied and translated from other websties. Some members are worried that it might be copyright violation .

    What we have to do is that we have explain a bit about the song first and post the lyrics. Describe about the sequence of the song or on whom the song has been picturised, who is the music director or singer etc.

    Also include the word "lyrics" in song title as well as in summary.

    By this way our resource will have more content and will be unique.

    Kindly follow this guidelines from today itself. Any post which do not follow this instructions will be kept pending for a weeks time and later will be deleted.

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    Dear Pradeep,

    Hope you agree that majority of us generally see the songs in TV or hear over Radios. As you say that we have to explain a bit about the song first and then post the lyrics, what should we explain? One should see the movie and only then they will be able to explain about the song.

    It is ok that one can describe the sequence of the song and on whom the song has been picturised, other details like film name, music director or singer etc.

    Janapadageethe = For Janapadageethe there is no particular sequence, music director or the singer or the picturisation details. As you know these are the extracts or the poem which people used to sing during their working hours to pass the time.

    Classical Songs = These are songs or extracts of poets like purandaradasa, Thyagaraja etc. These are the keerthanas which are composed on God. There is no sequence. Only details such as Raga or Tala can be mentioned.

    Nadageethe = Even for Nadageethe written by several poets like kuvempu, D.V.G etc., what details can we mention? as you say, there is no music director, no sequence, no picturisation. What details would you require for such songs? Please clarify.

    My query on asking you to provide a solution to avoid duplication of resources is still pending. Please find a solution which enables to save your time as well as our time. Please discuss with webmaster and have this problem resolved. Approving the resouce first and after some days disapproval of the same makes no sense. I feel that when there is an option for business postings, there should definitely be a solution for finding lyrics duplication also.

    I feel that due to more postings, you are coming up with more ideas to lessen the postings.

    Looking forward for your reply to the above queries.

    Thanks and Best regards,

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    Dear Mala,

    Yes i do accept your point on listening songs or viewing it on Television.What exactly I want from you is that just write about the song / poem or explain it a bit. For example: " The song Anisutide yaako indu is from the movie Mungaru Male, which is sung by Sonu Nigam" etc., you can write like at the description section and continue posting lyrics in kannada language.

    For devotional or classical songs, you have given the answer itself. Here is what you can do for these type of song lyrics, you can mention like this " The song .... is extract from the poems written by Kannada Poet Purandaradasa praising lord Krishna" etc . this can be applied for other category of songs also.

    Why I am suggesting members to write some sentences about the song lyrics in English it that Google will not be able to crawl articles written in Kannada language. If we just give the title in English and post the description in Kannada it will be of no use for you or for us, we will not be generating any traffic / revenue from it.

    If you post some words or sentences explaining the song in English using the title or song name in the description section it will be easier for Google to crawl your article and will also generate traffic in turn revenue from Adsense.

    For your query on search option at resource section is that we cannot provide search option similar to Business Section because at resource section we will be having different resources on different subjects, their title and description will be different so you cannot search for a particular resource which you are planning to post because the title or description may be different. But this does not happen at Business Directory section. At business section if you want to post about "Prasanna Theatre" you will be searching only for that title and you cannot change the title name and post the similar business over there. This is the reason we have not provided the search option at resource section.

    Karnatakaspider is a month old website and is like a baby, this is a member contributed website .We have to make it grow stronger and this can be achieved only by the way of contribution from members. The more the posting its better for our website. So I will not in any way avoid contributions from member.

    What I need is quality postings which in return will help you and website to earn revenue.

    We always accept member's suggestion / complaints in a healthy way. By this was we will come to know what are the problem members facing here and how it can be solved.


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