Some General Suggestions for Posting

Hello, members. We are just a handful of members who are actively contributing to this site. Nevertheless, the quality of our posts can go a long way in making this a successful site. So I would like to make a few suggestions:

1. Please read: Good Article Writing Tips

2. Please do not put (a) too many images in a resource post; visitors seek information, not pictures. Just put a single one or two if necessary. (b) do not put large images that take up most of the space. Put a small image.

3. It is important to inter-relate your posts. For example, if you write about one place that is accessibe, say from Mysore, then you can mention some tourist spot of Mysore about which you/another member has written. This results in the visitor visiting more than just the one page. By surfing through the other pages, too, the visitor may click on Google Ads or get some useful information & recommend our site to others.

4. Those members who have posted in Business Directory: please do take a bit of extra trouble by using the Edit tool and putting in more information about the business post even if it is an old one. A business directory is not literally a directory with just information on address & phone numbers. We need to give at least some information about a hotel, resort, etc. See mine or N K Ravishankara's few posts.

Please do consider my suggestions in the right spirit & improve upon your posts.