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    Can we have more than two google adsense account


    I already have a google adsense account but I want to create a new one for this site and I don't want to associate my old account. So is it permissible to have two adsense account at a time.

    If yes then should the new account be created with a fresh g-mail id or can a common g-mail id be utilized for all adsense accounts.
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    Dear Chetan,

    First of all why do you want to have another google adsense account when you have already one. As per googles terms you cannot have more that one account in your name.

    Please clarify why do you wish to have another adsense account.


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    First of all I would like to thank you for responding to my query sir.

    It's like this webmaster sir, I had once created a website and I had sent my website for the review of adsense they rejected it stating my domain name was not proper.

    And the next time when I tried to associate the same account with one of my blogs it said my account has been blocked. So I am afraid to use it.



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    Can you confirm that your adsense account is active now?, try logging to your adsense account and check it its active or not.


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    Thank goodness I was able to log in and below there was a resubmit button. What now sir? so can I associate my account with KarnatakaSpider.

    What are the steps and precautions I must take while associating my account.

    Thank you,


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    yes you can associate your adsense account here a KSR. Nothing special just follow the instructions mentioned during associating your adsense account.


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    Thank you very much sir.

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