Ownership share for month August 2010

As per announcement Be owner of Karnatakaspider we are sharing the revenue of August 2010 to all eligible owner of August month.

This site has been exceptional this month and with immense pain I would like to inform that this is the only site where revenue decreased from last month. This month we managed to get only 18.80$. This is a sign that we should again gear up and put our best to get more revenue thus higher share.

Only 3 owners for Karnatakaspider were eligible this month. They are

1. Prasad C M = 10% = 84.00 Rs
2. Roy George = 9% = 76.00 Rs
3. Mala Ravi = 8% = 67.00 Rs

Conversion rate 1$ = 44.79 Rs

Mala Ravi,s effective score is though less than 100 but as she has got the potential to deliver and was active member here, we have considered her, with an expectation that she will continue to give her best in coming month.

Congratulations to all owners, let us gear up for better performance next time.