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    Make easy online money here in Karnataka Spider

    Hello all,

    I am glad to announce this to all the freely joined members of Karnatakaspider that, now you can make easy money simply by answering the interesting questions asked any of the web sites, and


    In this method, all you have to do are,

    1. Choose any question about Karnataka State asked in any of those two (yahooanswers, wikianswers) website and give answer in those selected questions with a link to in that.

    2. Then get the url either from wikianswers or yahooanswers and post as a Response to this Forum thread.

    All valid answers will be paid 1 Re. If your answer is selected as the Best answer either in yahooanswer or wikianswer, then you will be paid from 2 Rs to 5 Rs.

    Please never hesitate to contact me if you need any clarification about any section of Karnatakaspider including this Forum thread..

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    Hello all,

    As an example how to participate in this thread, I am here to show you a link from wikianswers where I have posted an answer with link to our Karnatakaspider..


    Shankar Ganesh

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    This is the link from Yahoo Answers.;_ylt=AqD2CoG0JSCsBq606Tfh9pjsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110629020607AAJjRmH


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    Basically the link has to be visible in the heads mentioned above along with members, poll, celebrities. Please make the necessary changes.
    The link of yahoo answers is below:-

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    Hi Sharada madam..

    Kindly elaborate your sugesstion..

    Shankar Ganesh

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    The word link should be visible in the site similar to members, polls or you can still continue in this thread itself.

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