Discuss: How to check the dog menace in Bangalore?

This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'How to check the dog menace in Bangalore?'.

Bangaloreans are very much aware about the havoc the stray dogs create at the localities of the city. Solving it not at all an easy job.

The media often reports how stray dogs attack innocent children and maul them. Some lucky children are saved on time by passers by while some other die a cruel death.

Some people feel that stray dogs should be culled because humans are brutally attacked by them. Even a small bite can be fatal if not treated immediately. People bitten by dogs would die of rabies.

However, some animal lovers do not support the cruel act and want some other alternatives to be made. Nowadays, the dogs are picked up from the localities and sterilized. Later on, they are dropped back to the same place from where they were taken out. But, still the danger lingers on.

Some people who come late from their work place by scooters and motorbikes are dangerously chased by streets dogs. They are frightened to death and get injured in the process.

Can we save the dogs as well as innocent children and adults? Where is the solution?