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    Learn some more Kannada Words.

    1.Nimma uru Yavadu? What is your hometown/native place?
    2.Neeru beku. Want some water?
    3.Doora far away.
    4.Hathira near by.
    5Nan Hathira dudu ila. I have no money.

    6.Solpa adjust madi. Please adjust a little.
    (a special phrase used by Kannadigas.)

    7. jaasthi too much

    8.kadume less

    9.Hogu beku want to go

    10.Mathe banni come again

    Radha Muralidhar,
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    Illi idu - Keep it here
    Thege-didu - Take it and keep it aside

    thogo -take
    Kodu - give
    oota - food
    thindi - break fast

    kelasa -work
    kasta padu - work hard

    netaru- guest
    gothu - I know
    jothe- along with
    beega- lock (which is used to lock the house)

    balle - bangles
    sara - Chain
    odave- ornaments
    devaru- God
    devas-thana- temple

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    Good post. The words are very useful. Here are some more phrases and questions.

    Yaaru ivaru? Who are they?
    Avaru:those people Ivaru: These people. Ivanu: This man Avanu: That man. Ivalu: This lady. Avalu: That lady. Idu: this Adu: that.

    Yaaru ivanu? Who is this man? Yaaru Avalu? Who is that lady?

    Nanage nimma sahaya beku. I need your help.

    Yeshtu beku? How much do you want?

    Naale ba. Come tomorrow. Solpa kayubeku. You should wait for sometime.

    Radha Muralidhar.

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    Alli-elli - Here and there
    bandu hogu - Come and go
    Kottu thogo - Give and take

    hogi barutheve - We will come again

    kasta - difficult
    sukha - happiness

    samadhana- satisfied
    asamadhana- dis-satisfied

    ani-rekshita - unexpected
    yavagalu - always
    yavaga-ladaru- any time

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    1.Neenu parixeyalli yeshtu score madide? :: How much did you score in exams?

    2. Neenu manege yavag bartiya? When will you come home?
    3. Naanu daariyalli iddene . I am on the way.
    4. Nim shaale yellide? Where is your school?
    5. Ninage vayassu yeshtu? How old are you?
    6. Adbhutha:: Amazing
    7. Mulugu:: sink
    8. Haribeda:: Do not tear
    9. Naanu first rank bandiddene:: I have secured 1st rank.
    10.Manassiddalli marga:: Where there is a will there is a way.

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    Meanings for some useful Kannada words..

    1.Shreyassu:: Success
    2.Hudugaata :: Juvenile
    3.Nanna hattira computer ide:: I own a computer.
    4.Naanu naale bhetiyaguttene:: I will meet you tomorrow
    5.Sampadane:: Earnings
    6.Oota madu:: Have your food.
    7.Gaadi joragi odisabeda::Do ride a vehicle fast.
    8.Bega malagi bega yelu:: Early to bed early to rise.
    9.Idu modagalu kavidiruva vaatavaran:: It is a cloudy weather.
    10. Male barta ide:: It is raining.

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    Introduction wordings and how to welcome guests in Kannada

    welcome - Suswagatha

    Please Come in - dayavittu Olage banni
    Sit down - Kulithukoli

    How are you - Hegiddera?
    Fine- channagiddeeni

    what is your name- Nimma hesarenu?
    I am ram - Nanu ram

    Few other regular words used for communication:
    can you please help me - dayavittu nanage sahaya maduvira
    Where can i hire a auto? - baadige auto yeelli siguvudu?

    I agree- oppikoolluthene
    I disgree- oppikolluvudilla

    Sorry- Kshamisi
    thank you - danyavadhagalu

    let's go - horodonave
    goodbye- hogibaruthene

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    It is quite interesting to learn Kannada words. Interestingly very few words seem to be having commonality with Hindi words. And also many words which end with 't' in Hindi seem to be ending in 'th' in Kannada. For example, welcome - Suswagatha (Suswagata in Hindi). Are such words pronounced accordingly or the pronunciation is same in Kannada? How do you pronounce 'Latha'? Is it like 'Lata' in Hindi. It is surprising that India has so many languages, some not having much in common. How did these language develop in the same country? But still we are one in spite of all diversities. Unity in diversity. Long live our unity.

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