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    Is BMTC bus conducters have manners in bangalore

    The bus conductor of BMTC, shows a negative attitude towards traveellers.If we don't have any change they will written on back of ticket and they make it delay for giving and finally they will scold us. Some time we will miss the amount also. So just think about how can teach them? Is it possible?
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    Hi Krishna,

    You are perfectly right. The attitude of BMTC bus conductors is too bad. They act as though the bus belongs to them. Their ill treatment to the public is only because they are Government employees. Since the people who get into the buses are of middle class and even of economically weaker sectors, sometimes these conductors take advantage of scolding them. Gentleness is not at all found in them. They often forget that they are public servants.

    First of all when they issue tickets, they write the change amount payable behind the ticket. But often they go behind or stay in from doors by which some people forget or sometimes cannot even ask for change money payable to them.

    Secondly some conductors behave ill towards the commuters. They have to change their attitude on this.

    In case the conductors behave ill with the commuters, commuters can always logde a complain to the BMTC Authorities using the complaint no mentioned in all the BMTC buses.


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    I don't like to travel by BMTC buses because of the high and mighty attitude of the conductors. One rupee and two rupees changes are never given to the passengers. If you mistakenly board the bus and hand over a hundred rupee to the conductor be ready for a confrontation.

    Why can't the government provide changes to the conductors before it leaves the terminus.

    I think the public is also responsible for the behavior of the conductors. Once if a passengers argues with the conductor for rude behavior, the other passengers should also support them. But, it never happens.

    Radha Muralidhar.

    Radha Muralidhar.

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