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    Shravana Masa , the current month.

    Shravana Masa, this month is very auspicious. Could any one discuss the significance of this month?
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    The month shravana is the starting of all festivals after sankranthi. All the big hindu festivals like Varamahalakshmi, Gokulastami, upakarma for brahmins follows in this month. You also have the independence day in this month on August 15th.

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    Very useful information. However, Independence day is a different aspect. It is a good co-incidence that it happens in an auspicious month.

    Radha Muralidhar.

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    Shravana Masa is actually a very auspicious month as per Kannada Calendar. In this month there will be lot of poojas performed for Godesses in many temples. They will not do any or talk about marriages in this month.


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    Mala Ravi, Iam Late

    In this month really so auspicious(very difficult to understand this kind of works),you know why! because
    1. 3 Moon Days(Full moon and No moon as of hindu calander)
    2. No Marriage on this month.(If they married this month then delivery of baby would be in Summer like april/may) Secret of Indian Population
    3.This is month is good for cultivation
    4.sun will start his travell form north to south.
    5.night is more then day

    An Indian - More Freedom - Less obedient

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    Sravana masa is considered as auspicious it is a month of plenty and prosperity. Our country is a predominately agricultural country. All aspects of our life is based on agriculture. Shravana (Sravana) come after the month of Ashada. Ashada month is like a dark month. During that month there used to be maximum epidemic and contagious diseases like, flu asthma etc on the one hand. On the other because of the inclement weather working people will not get work. They will find it difficult to meet both ends during ashada.

    So when the dark month changes a bright month is expected.The main harvest season starts in Shravana. Next crop arrangements also takes place in this month. Besides this is the month in which some of the Sri Vishnu's incarnatins takes birth.

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