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    Indian Prime Minister

    Why Prime Minister and judicial officers should not be brought under the ambit of Lok Pal bill?
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    Answer is very simple ..... If PM comes under lokPal means then No in India is genuine
    An Indian - More Freedom - Less obedient

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    The judiciary is an independent and specialized institution which should have a specialized forum to monitor about the corruption. As for the Prime Minister is concerned he is the highest executive of the executive wing of the Indian Parliamentary system. He is decided by the majority party after the electoral results announced. We should not assume that every body is corrupt. There are already mechanism to find out and punish the corrupt as and when necessary.

    The Lok Pal is not a panacea for the corruption removal. It is also an institution to be created for checking corruption just as the other existing institutions like the CAG, PAC, CBI, IG, Police etc.

    For the time being there may be some effect. Thereafter this will also become like its predecessor institutions. Corruption can be removed only when we change our mindset. It arises out of our mental attitude. It cannot be changed by external forces. The external forces can only catch and punish.

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    I absolutely agree with Balaji Raja..This is politics man!

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    Lot of discussion has taken place on the issue of covering the Prime Minister of India under Lok Pal. It is a pity that we are not trusting even one man, the PM of the country. Being the executive head he has lot many responsibilities and any unscrupulous element can try to frame him on any small matter. I am glad that the sensitivity of this has been recognised by many members of the Parliament and even MPs from opposition expressed their concern about it. Perhaps it was one issue on which many, if not all, MPs were not in favour of inclusion of PM.

    It is greatness of Dr. Manmohan Singh that he expressed his desire to be covered under the Lok Pal. It is time that all the political parties rise above party and politics and work together to spare the Prime Minister at least.

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    It is not that we are not trusting even one man in our country creating an impression in the world that all the Indian are corrupt. In every society there will be a mixture of good and bad people. When the bad people become vociferous or aggressive, the impression will be created that the whole society is bad. This is because a thief will look at all others with suspicion; a jaundiced man will see everything else as yellow and a man looking in the mirror will see his image in the mirror and assumes that all others are like him. In order to hide their deficiency they accuse others like the thief running in the forefront shouting to catch the thief.

    It is not to say that there is no corruption. It is there and is spreading its tentacles to cover all aspects of our lives. The actual action that is required is not being done. Each of us should introspect and try to remove the corruption in the self instead of trying to find the corruption of others and trying to take action against them.

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    Ramaatha Ji, I tend to agree with you that ultimately each one of us has to fight against corruption. Enacting law in itself won't be a remedy for our endeavour to eradicate corruption in the country.


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