Government Land Encrachment by Art of Living Foundation

The Art of Living Foundation (A O L) under Sri Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji is involved in the land grab in Mysore City. The A O L has encroached land at the foot of Chamundi hills and has constructed their building in the encroached land of 5 acres. It appears that the encroachment has the blessings of the great ex chief minister B S Yeddiyurappa.

When the MUDA which owns the land gave notice of demolition of the building and vacating the land, it was stopped by the chief minister's office stating that the C M will sort out the matter. These al happened when Yeddiyurappa was C M. During his tenure he did not do anything to rectify the situation. Now he is out of power. The matter is pending. From the reporting about the ex C M, it will appear as if he was treating the sate as his property.

The A O L is a spiritual organisation to teach the ways to improve the standards mankind to a high level spiritually. Such an organization indulging in such low level activities is unfortunate. The foundation is having enough funds. They would have bought the land from the Government of from landlords for their institution. Earlier there was an incident in Bengaluru where there was a shooting incident from or near the A O L foundation on Kanakapura Road, Bengaluru. These are very unfortunate situation.