The Reddy's at their Game again

Sriramulu, ruling BJP MLA member has resigned his membership of the Assembly. When the BJP came to power first time, they were not having enough members. They resorted to horse trading in the name of operation lotus. After the buying of MLAs with the ill gotten money of Reddys and bread crumbs of power thrown to the horse traded MLAs of opposition parties, the Reddy Shylocks wanted their pound of flesh from the leader of the Government. When there was resistance from the leader, the Shylocks resorted to abduction MLAs to luxurious prison hotels in Goa, A P etc and made the BJP to dance to their tunes. But the Reddys' also lost their clout to some extent.

Now in the new ministry of Gouda, they did not get chance for their persons and are trying to raise the banner of revolt. As a supporting point to them, they organized paid shows of women and others shouting and declaring of their agitation against the Government for not including the Reddys' reps in the ministry.

It is high time that the two major National parties, have some understanding of opposing each other only on policy matters and not to fight to finish each other. The country is already in the crisis of opportunistic regional parties. They should unite on the principles of ideologies and work for the elimination of regional parties and horse trading of MLAs and MPs to strengthen the democracy.