Double standards of BJP Government

In today's news there is an item a portion of the speech by the C M during his election campaign in Koppal constituency. He has stated while commenting on the G J Reddy's arrest that the CBI is an instrument of the UPA. But the same Government headed by his mentor, promoter and remote handler Sri K S Y was making a hue and cry for instituting a CBI inquiry into the allegations of the JD (S) and charges of Lokayutha.

In England there was a say in politics that the public is donkey and another one that public memory is Short. The politicians seems to be using this as yardstick and change their stands constantly to suit their requirements. But they should remember that people of India has not given any lease to the UPA that they can rule the country as long as they want. Nobody can tell the fate of the next elections as to who will win or loose. It is quite possible that the NDA may come to power and the CBI will be under that Government. If an organization is subjected to repeated denigration it may end up as a useless institution. The CBI, whatever they may be doing will have to go to courts to prove their cases. So it is not that they can do things simply at the behest of somebody whose tenure is not sure. Of course it may not be any wonder if they say that the courts also are somebody's instrument.

The reference is about the G J R's arrest, Either Gouda is trying to appease the Reddy so that his chair is safe or is intersted in fooling the public. The ex Lokauktha has given clinching evidence against the Reddy and the arrest is for so many irregularities and swindling of Andhrapradesh. Even assuming the CBI is taking action as per the whims of UPI, the action against the Reddy is for findings of against him by the CBI and also by the Lokayuktha. Is it that the lokayuktha is also a UPA agent? Should it not be taken as an opportunity to prove the innocence of the Reddy. Being the Chief Minister, Gouda can help the Reddy.