Lokayuktha Pobe Government; Government to Probe Lokayktha?

The new Lokayuktha justice Justice Shivaraj V Patil has taken charge as the Karnataka Lokayuktha just about 2 months back. Now there is an allegation against him that he has violated the Co-operative Housing Society bye laws. According to the media reports the Lokayuktha's wife has a plot allotted by the Vayalikaval House Building Co-op Scy at Nagwara.The same was registered in October 2006. Justice Patil had already purchased a plot from the Karnataka State Judicial Employees' House Building Co-op Scy in 1994.

As per the Bye Laws of the housing societies an individual cannot own a plot if his/her family m,ember has already a plot allotted by a Government Body or a Housing Society. Since Patil was having a plot, his wife getting a plot is a violation of the bye law as per the law.

According to Justice Patil, there is no violation as his wife had purchased a plot on auction from the concerned Society. According to him buying a plot through auction does not attract the provisions of the bye-laws. Further, as soon as the controversy was brought up his wife surrendered the plot to the concerned society.

In the meantime the C M announced that the Government is looking into the allegation.