Google's 13th Birthday

Today, the 27th September 2011 is the birthday of the all pervasive net tool Google.

On this occasion I offer my best wishes to Google. Google started as a search engine 12 years back and today is a giant in the internet. There is no area today which is not having the presence of Google. From the position of one of the search engines Google expanded slowly and steadily to provide service to people on the net in many fields. They have the offer of web sites who do not want to hire space. Google provides sub domains.
It has the largest social net work the orkut. Its G mail is a popular e mail platform. Along with the email, it has the chat client for writing, audio or video chats. Google has offering of online storage facility of 2 GB since a long time. It has photo storage, calendar, blog and a host of other services for any one without any restrictions. It is having one of the good browsers. Several rivals tried to stifle Google, but it grew more and more strong and wide. It service is most useful for knowledge seekers.
I Wish Google many more years of offer of their services to the internet communities.