Kannada through futuristic gadgets like the computers and cell phones etc.

Our hearty best wishes for Sri Chandrasekhara Kambar on his being honored with the Jnanapith award.

Sri Chandrasekhara Kambar the jnanapith award winner of the year has suggested that the Karnataka Government should take effective steps to preserve and foster Kannada language making use of the popular and futuristic devices like the computers and mobiles as these are going to be in wide spread use in the days to come. In his address to the felicitations offered by the state Government he was speaking. The language has already been accorded the status of the Classical Language by the Union Government for the languages antiquity. Kambar suggested that the experts should be engaged to develop softwares for the popularizations and use among the people within and outside the state.

He also made the suggestion to open a Kannada University for teaching the language from the LKG level to the P G level. The chief minister who was presiding over the function agreed to study the suggestions made by the jnanapith award winner Sri Chandrasekhara Kambar.