Darker Days for Karnataka

Karnataka is reeling under the effect of the power cuts is now poised for further difficult days. yesterday the Energy Minister called the meeting of all concerned about the power supply and announced some steps to meet the crisis d
situation. The Government introduced some urgent measures from the 10th of this month itself.

Bengaluru Maha Nagara Palike and other urban centers will have a power cut of one each in the morning hours and the evening hours staggered and decided by the area officers as to the timings.

The main problem will be for the rural areas. At present the rural Karnataka gets 3 phase power for irrigation purposes 6 hours from 6 am to 12 noon. From 10th October the supply will be reduced to 3hours of 3 phase supply and the timing of the supply will between 1 to 6 pm. However, they will get the single phase supply during g 6 pm to 6 a m.

The above measures are for the time being and will be reviewed from time to time. Let us hope the crisis affecting the power supply will ease withoput much further delay.