Arjita Seva Tickets rules changed by TTD

Though this information is not strictly pertaining to Karnataka, I am including the same here as thousands of devotees from Karnataka go to Tirupathi to get the blessings of the lord Venkateswara.

With effect from 1st November, 2011 all the devotees who have booked for any of the Arjita Sevas will have to be present on the previous day before 8 pm of their Seva schedule at MBC-34 (Arjita Seva Ticket Counter) at Tirumala. The notification stipulates that those who fail to report on the previous day as required will lose their chance and that chance will be given to the devotees under the current booking arrangement. This will be on a randomized numbering system.
According to the news release, the decision to the above effect was taken by the TTD board about 2 months back. The bulk booking system is already cancelled since 2 months ago. The change is due to the fact that many times the devotees who have booked for the Arjita Sevas do not turn up in time and the chance is a waste for them as well as for those in queue. This new system will optimize the Seva utilization.