Hearty Bakrid Mubarak to Muslims of the State

Wish all Muslims if Karnataka hearty Bakrid Mubarak.

Bakrid is the 2nd most important festival for Muslims. The 1st one is Ramzan. It is first because it is on this day that the prophet got portions of the Holy Quran from the god – Allah. Since it is fundamental of the religion, it is considered as the most important.

Bakrid is known as Eid ul-Adha, Id-ul-Zuha, Id-ul-Adha and Eid al-Adha in different place differently. Eid or Id means Holy festival and Adha or Zuha means sacrifice. The festival is a festival of sacrifice. Since in India in the olden times goats were sacrificed it is known as Bakrid in India. Bakri means goat. It is a festival of sacrifice. The sacrifice is to appease the Allah for the good done by him to the human and for the good which will be done in future. The sacrifice animal may vary according to places and the availability of the large numbers of the animals concerned. Hence where the camels are more, the sacrificial animal will be camel, where it is cows or bull it will be these animals and so on.

The legend is that during the period of prophet, his clan and followers with his had a very severe difficult period of not having food and the source of their food the animals like camels perishing making the people to starve. The prophet Nabi considered it to be the anger of the Allah and wanted to please him by sacrificing his only son Ismail. He was about to cut the neck of Ismail, the Allah appeared before him with a ram. He gave the ram to the prophet and told him that instead of Ismail sacrifice this animal and distribute the sacrificed one cooked among the people. Accordingly this was done. As a commemoration of this episode the Bakrid is celebrated.