Bellary By election - BJP versus BJP

The be election of Bellary is an contest between BJP and BJP. The election was caused due to the resignation of the BJP MLA Sriramulu. He is again contesting as an independent candidate. When the election date was declared the BJP suggested Sriramulu to contest as BJP candidate. Even after his filing nomination as an independent candidate the BJP offered him their party label in the contest. He spurned the offers.

When Sriramulu did not oblige them, the BJP put up another candidate from the party to contest from Bellary. The BJP is sparing no effort and leaving no stone unturned to get their 2nd candidate elected. Sriramulu though is contesting as independent, is still not expelled from the party. Thus 2 BJP candidates contesting against each other. While the official side is trouping all party and government stalwarts to campaign, their MPs and MLAs of the Bellary and surrounding districts are canvassing for Sriraamulu. No action is taken for canvassing against the latest official candidate.