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    Traffic offenders, beware of loss of license

    Those who are in the habit of driving vehicles on foot paths may be to jump the queue of vehicles in traffic jams or near red signals may have to regret. The traffic cops in the city will make surprise checks for this also along with the non wearing of helmets, not keeping documents etc. Those found riding on foot paths will be caught and recommend to RTO to suspend your driving license under the M V act 1988.

    This is as a part of the several measures being tried for the improvement in the traffic on the city roads. The license of the repeat violators will be impounded and submit them to jurisdictional courts and RTOs for cancellation/suspension. During the last 10 days the traffic police have submitted about 265 licenses for suspension.

    There are many other measures to be introduced to ease the traffic congestion at various points. The measures include conversion of some roads to one way, shifting of some bus stops away from congested places etc. Due to booking under offense of drag racers (as if speed contesting), wheeling (sudden turn at high speed) etc under the provision of rash driving, these offenses have come down drastically. There were more than 5 lakh cases of wrong parking.

    Let us hope these measures will deter the offenders of traffic rules. Let us also hope the traffic department will take steps to stop the noisy driving and using vehicles without silencers.
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    Following traffic rules is important both for the driver of the vehicles as well as public on the road. It is unfortunate that many persons do not follow such rules causing accidents and injuries. Quite often the offenders are not apprehended because there is nobody to check them. It is really good that traffic cops will now be checking such offenders. Many youngsters do wear helmets which can prove very dangerous during accidents. We have seen many motorcyclists carrying helmets in their arms and wearing only when they reach a cross anticipating some policeman there. It seems they own the helmets only to show these to the police. Apart from checking, the drivers of the vehicles need to be educated about the dangers of not following the traffic rules. Also the parents should ensure that their young children are not be on the road with vehicles till they reach the minimum age and have some maturity to face the traffic.

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