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    I want to know some translations in english.

    "Naanu nana tandege modalaneya magalu" to get this in english we say I am the eldest daughter to my father. But to ask "Nimma tandege neenu eshtaneys magalu?" "Nimma tandege eshtu jana makkalu?" these two sentences I want to know in english. Can anybody give me the answer?
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    Hi Shruti,

    I hope you know kannada well and hence you have asked such a question, which cannot be literally translated into English language. The word "eshtaney" cannot be exactly expressed in English language.

    As far as I know, your questions asked cannot be answered as the literal translation is not possible in English languages.

    Best regards,

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    I do not want the literal translation but I want it in proper english as I do not know it properly.

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    Nimma tandege eshtu jana makkalu? for this we can say:- how many childreans did yor father have?? i think so,but not perfect,just tried

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    I did not agree with your answer. Though this sentence is simple but in correct english with correct grammar it is difficult to form. My answer is "How many children does your father have?" But my answer is also not convincing me.I feel something is wrong in the sentence. "Naanu nanna tandege modalaneya magalu." This is simplest. I am the eldest daughter to my father. I had mentioned one more question"Nimma tandege neenu eshtaneya magalu?" Answer for this is "What is your seniority amongst the children of your father?" I want somebody to justify these statements which I have mentioned here.

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    "What is your seniority amongst the children of your father?

    in the above sentance i think problem is in amongst..but some wat it is convincing...

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    Hi sruthi,
    One sentence I know " How many children have your father? and what is your number? "

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    "Nimma tandege neenu eshtaneys magalu? What is your number amongst the children of your father?

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    As for as my knowledge is concerned, there is no exact translation for "eshtaneya magalu" but to ask "nimma tandege eshtu jana makkalu"
    you have to ask "how many children does your father have?"

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    Umpteenth daughter are you to your father?

    I think this should be the nearest.

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    @ Avinash, I think your answer is more relevant to my query. It is "What is the seniority amongst the children of your father?" Because one of the elderly person had asked me the question and I could not answer him. He gave the same answer what you have mentioned here.

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    @Shruti while it is gramatically correct , while talking somehow that question doesnt sound right to me.

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