India's Batting fails once again!!!

India vs Australia 2011-12, 2nd Test, Day 1, at The SCG (3-7 Jan 2012)

Another overseas test and another batting collapse for India.The fames Indian batting line-up once proved the "cycle-stand" theory true & frll like 9 pins once again on Day1 of the 2nd test against Australia at the SCG today.

It seems to have become a habit of poor batting display in the first innings of a test for a decade now when India play overseas.

But why does this happen? We always boast of having one the best batsmen in the world who have tons & tons of runs & experience behind them.

Is it due to lack of confidence or lack of application? It should be any of these reasons because there id no doubt about the talent that our batsmen have.

Does Laxman always struggles against swing?
Can Gambhir only score against poor teams?
Is Sehwag is too much dependent on luck?
Dhoni is too inconsistent.
Kohli is still for odis.

Only & Sachin and Dravid have performed well overseas but never click together.

This is the "hole" story of Indian Cricket Team.

Unless we combine all the experience & talent and apply them in different conditions, all the talent will be of not much use.