Will latest decision of Karnataka Government really help slum dwellers?

State Cabinet has recently cleared a proposal involving policy change on slum dwellers. As per this decision the State government wants to make the state slum free by providing land title deeds to slum dwellers so that there is no hurdle in constructing houses and providing minimum infrastructure there. Bangalore will be most benefitted as 15 lakhs people live in 597 slums in this City. An assurance has bee given to Union Ministry of Housing and Poverty Alleviation that no new slum will be allowed.

Such schemes have been floated in other states also but have not proved to be very successful as new slum areas get developed over a period of time and some already settled slum dwellers reappear in one form or the other. Thereafter, it becomes a political issue to be decided by the successive governments.

Keeping in view the circumstances prevailing in Karnataka and specially at Bangalore, do you think this decision of the government is really going to work as a welfare measure for the slum dwellers?