Which is your favorite computer game?

Since many of the youths are crazy on computer games and many others are less interested towards it. According to me, I can`t live without playing games. Computer games are like my breath. I am turning to 21 and still I am very much font of computer games.

Early I used to spent almost half of a day for playing computer games. When I was in my teen age I would like to play GTA Vice city, then I jumped to NFS underground, hot pursuit, shift, carbon etc and end up with NFS most wanted, which was my favorite among all. I have completed NFSMW for more than 4 times and I still have it in my lap.

Then I turned to some fighting games, Prince of Persia was one of my favorite, I completed almost all versions of POP(Prince of Persia), then I came through war games like CS(Counter strike), Project IGI 1 & 2, Bad boys, max payne 1 & 2 etc and the final war game I have played is COD MW3(Call of Duty: Modern Warefare3), which was the superb war game I have played ever.

Then I jumped to sports game like cricket, at first I enjoyed a little and since I don`t like cricket much I skipped it and go for FIFA. My first football game was FIFA08. It was amazing, then I got FIFA10, currently I am giving all my concentration in playing towards FIFA12, FIFA12 has more various features than FIFA08. And it is just awesome.