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    Which Indian musical instrument do you like the most?

    Music is a divine thing. In this thread, I would like to stress on the various Indian musical instruments that we come across daily. I am sure the user base out here is well aware of many such instruments like the Tabla, The Jal tarang, The Sarangi, The Ghatam. I myself have attended many concerts varying largely over many Indian instruments. I would like a review from the members out here about the Indian instruments which they feel are the most important and also give a valid explanation of the choice at the same time. You may either choose from the choices mentioned in the Poll or mention a totally different instrument. How ever, please note that you can only mention Indian instruments as that is the particular agenda of this thread. Please do not let this thread die out and fade away. This will surely generate a good discussion if I am not wrong.
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    You have digged a keen interested topic by releasing this thread. We INDIANS beleive Music is the voice of GOD. We are eager to get the divinity of god by listening music. Its the life of nature, breathing of the nature.
    It will be difficult for me to choose a musical instrument, because i almost love all the musical instruments. But if you stress me about that i would like to answer the RUDRA Veena. The name itself suggests this instrument is as holy as lord Rudra and even as aggressive as the lord himself.

    It has a unique kind of music when played when compared to any other kind of string instruments. It is also so difficult in cinstructing it takes nearly two month to complete the whole work even till tuning.
    Well speaking about the artists who play the Veena, it is well reserved for men, because it is said that it is so difficult to handle that a women finds it as a challenging task. But also there are some women artists in our country who plays them as well as men.

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    This thread of your, is nice and the moment I read the heading of it I was quiet sure as to what will be my answer but there was no logic behind it. The moment I started to type the logic flowed in and here is my response.
    As per me I think that Tabla is the best. This is an instrument which has two drums and the person has to beat the drums in a rhythmic manner to produce sound which when gets intermingled with the sound the two drums is termed as music. This is an instrument which not only entertains you bet has other abilities also. This is a best exercise for the arms muscles, which we normally don't do. This is an instrument which is a product that India gave to the world music and is not most important one in the world.

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    when it comes to my choice of musical instruments, well I like not one instrument but I have few of my likes to mention. No doubt I like this stringed musical instrument. Other than this, I even like Ghatam, Mandolin, Sannai / Shahnai. I even enjoy playing the keyboard, mouth organ, piano and harmonium as well. Though I am not well versed in playing these instruments, yet having learnt classical music up to certain level, I keep trying to play some of these instrument and end up with a mess.

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