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    Opinion about amusement shows like circus?

    Circus is a kind of amusement for both children as well as elders. Children like this amusement very much and they thoroughly enjoy circus fetes. At least once in every year a Circus company exhibit it shows in my city. At one time or the other time for one show I will go for this type of amusement. I believe that people and children have to go for such amusement shows in large number to help those who work in these companies and show their talents even though they are dangerous to their lives. Members, through this thread I want to know What is your opinion about this type of amusement shows like circus and the people who work in these companies? Discuss.
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    yes, I like amusement parks and circus very very much. But now all of these parks have disappeared and it is a very sad thing. I hope the circus becomes popular once again so that the coming generation can also enjoy the beauty of such shows.

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    I like such shows a lot.I have visited the circus many times in my childhood and enjoyed every moment of the show. But these days such beautiful shows and events have disappeared. I really wish that the circus and other amusement shows be back again which will remind us of our beautiful days of the past.

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    I think circus shows are liked by every body, children, adults and the old alike. However, you won't find many such shows which used to be a regular feature in most of the cities. It is a show of perfection both by the human beings and animals. One stumbling block is the impact of activists like Maneka Gandhi. The animals are subjected to cruelty which these activists won't tolerate. Other physical feats are a source of amusement for many and we still find a lot of crowd wherever we find a circus show. Many items look dangerous but since many of the performers have acquired perfection there are hardly any accidents and it remains a joyful show for all of us.

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    Circus and other such shows are for entertaining the public in general. The public to escape from the monotony and boredom or to get a part of their tension or anxieties released so that they are recharged partially at least require such out lets like entertainments. Since every one may not have same taste or attitude different kinds of entertainments are required. Circus, Cinema, drama, orchestra musics, dance performances, music concerts etc are useful for this purpose. The different shows cater to the need of people of different interest.

    As far as circus is concerned, it cater to the need of a section of population who have interest in it. In circus also there are several different kinds of events integrated to pleas all sections of people who come to see the shows. There are the trapeze artists who perform the dangerous, adventurous and spell binding performances. There are the animals shows with lions, tigers, elephants, dogs and parrots etc which will be very interesting to watch. There are the dangerous games like the ones driving the motor bikes or jeeps inside a huge metal grilled globes. So many such other feats are incorporated.

    While it entertains and releases the tension of the watchers, the artists get a platform to expose their talents. The artists get their remunerations which will take care of their needs along with the needs of the families in many cases. All of us should encourage such performances which is mutually beneficial as pointed above.

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