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    Law to restrict working hours

    Most of the foreign countries, prefer to outsource in India. The management bids for the projects with unrealistic targets and then later to impress the clients, they make the employees slog for long hours!

    Is this really necessary? Nowadays, though the working hours are said to be 9 to 5, but its actually 7 a.m to 9 p.m and if the company has provided you with laptop, then you are expected to work even after reaching home!

    Many of the countries, follow a strict policy of 8 to 5 working hours. After 5 p.m, except emergency unavoidable situations, employees are not supposed to stay back in office.

    In India, we do not have personal life anymore. In weekdays, we work for 12 hours, 2-3 hours spent to travelling and it looks like as we only go home to sleep. Even on weekends, we are called to work for 200-300 rupees extra. The extra money sounds nice in the beginning, but after some point of time, this feels ridiculous. The companies, bill the client showing employees working on weekends and in return pay them extra cash ruining their personal life.
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    Yes I totally agree with you and this mostly happens in the private companies where they have such a high standard that it become compulsory for the employee to work in the weekends also to meet the dead line.

    And for this they are paid high amount. But what is the use of such money when you have to compromise with your personal life. Instead it is better that you earn little less and get a good personal life too.

    For this the companies should make a proper time of the working; so that the employees can also have a good life too. a software company employee spends more than 16 to 18 hours outside the home and hardly four hours to have a sound sleep. Though incentives are given for extra work, the life is becoming mechanical and that is boring.

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    The corporate world has brought in different equations in the families. A person working in multinational companies or even at other big corporate houses seems to be allured by money and does not mind working extra hours just for adding bucks to their pay packets. More often than not it is at the cost of social and family life. There are instance when the persons have not met their children or other family members because of the clash of timings. It may sound attractive initially but ultimately one has to realise that every one has some responsibility at home which if not discharged at proper time will have life long repercussions on the family members specially children. It is, therefore, important that hours of working should be fixed in the overall interest of employees and their families.

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