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    Is it important to be perfect everytime?

    Is it important to be perfect everytime? I always wonder that in today's world there are so many people who simply live in a world where they need to be perfect with there style of walking; eating and almost each and everything.

    And all this everytime like for example the life of a filmstar is supposed to be perfect. But I believe even they don't have a perfect life; so what is being perfect in anybody's life? What does that mean?

    I have given a lot of thought and I feel there is no life which is perfect; what about you?
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    While everyone tries to be perfect, this perfection is hard to find. Finally we have to satisfy ourselves with the saying "No one can be perfect in this world" with the exception of God. If somebody excels in one thing, he or she lacks in some other quality. The complete perfection remains like a mirage in our lives. The more we want to be perfect, the father the perfection goes from us. But one should not leave the pursuit for being perfect. Everyone has to learn from experiences that lead to a better life. For this we have to imbibe all those good qualities which the nature want from us. Our prayers to god for making us perfect comes first. We should have compassion and pity for others. We should try to become an embodiment of humility. The perseverance and patience are the important qualities that we should have. A kind and loving heart is a must. Forgiveness is another quality that will lead one towards perfection. One should try to live in perfect harmony with nature and there are many more some other members might express here.

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    There is no need to perfect. Those who try to seek perfection in every sphere of life often land into problems. Firstly, it is difficult to define perfection for every task and secondly, there is always a tension in mind to achieve it in whatever you do. One should try to do his/her best to the extent possible. There are human limitations which should be recognised and at some level one should be satisfied. A perfectionists life is never perfect and it is stressed due to carrying the burden of perfection.

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    We should try to become perfect in everything but on this earth no man can be perfect in anything. According to me, no man can ever be expected to be 100% percent perfect in anything. We should aim at achieving perfectness but we have to bear in mind that we shall never be perfect in everything. Afterall we are all ordinary human beings, not gods to be 100% perfect! Let us consider the famous persons who have achieved great things in their field. Were they always perfect? Never. Even Sachin Tendulkar, one of the greatest batsmen of all times, have gone out for zero many times. He failed miserably in the 2003 ICC world cup final which finally led to the huge defeat of India at the hands of Australia. I am not saying this to blame Sachin. I am just giving the examples that even the great people sometimes fail. Rafael nadal, one of the greatest tennis players of all times, has also failed many times to reach even semifinals also. Even on his favourite roland garros, he was defeated in the quarterfinals in 2009 by Robin Soderling.

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