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    These days media have no religion

    I found that media is there only for breaking news. They follow the things until the news creates a sensation and after that they just forget the things. They dont have their opinions, their decisions about the news. They just move with the situation and mood of the public.

    Like when Ramdev was protesting, media is with him and shows a number of good qualities about him. when anything comes wrong about him, they become totally against him

    Like in cricket ,sometimes they are in favour of team and sometimes they totally discard the team.

    Like when Anna ji is protesting they are with him 'an 78 year old is fighting for corruption etc. etc.' and after the protest is over. Anna ji is out of news. If they are with corruption why dont they stand always with Anna ji against coruption and also make people against it.
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    I think media was never and will never be biased towards any particular religion as such. I think the main agenda for them here has become the TRP ratings which is a scale to measure their popularity and to measure the amount of people watching their channel. This has driven to such an extent that they have even turned opportunistic now and will surely do anything to get their TRP ratings up. This is all that seems to matter to the media in this country and as such, they are ready to go against and every religion in the country if they see an opportunity to push their TRP ratings further up. The incident you have mentioned about Baba Ramdev, the media knew that this man is going to attract a lot of national interest. Hence, they started covering it extensively and now when something bad is written about him, they cover that too to simply complete the circle and project their content to all forms of the audience.

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    I think the central idea remains creating a sensation so that maximum number watches you. A small piece of news is blown out of proportion and in some case media tries to even prejudge. It is not fair. See how media has behaved about performance of Indian team. There was no consistency, either there was a praise or a total condemnation, nothing in between. Actually there are so many channels now and there is a race to surpass each other. In the process, sometimes, the channel forget norms and try to overdo. Recent controversy about Army Chief is blown out of proportion. This selective approach puts a question mark to the impartiality and efficacy of media in our country.

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