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    Are Student unions necessary in colleges and Universities?

    We observe the term Student Unions mostly in colleges and universities. Student unions act as a medium between college authorities and students. Student unions stand to solve the problems that are faced by students in colleges. They fight against the authorities for the fulfillment of student needs. But in these days students unions are deviating from their actual purpose and clashes among unions happening which making the college and universities premises polluting the environment. Even Akhilesh Yadav the new Uttarpradesh Chief Minister announced that he will re-initiate the student unions in colleges and Universities. Well are student unions necessary in colleges and universities. Members share your views.
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    A-Students unions are necessary in the colleges and universities solely to interact between the students and the managements. It will be better if these unions work independently of the political affiliations. The political affiliations of the students organisations cause unnecessary clash of interests among the various groups of students. They should be used to get more welfare amenities for the students from the managements. The students unions can work in the interest of the students if the leaders of the student unions are honest and sincere and they do not collude with the managements lured by selfish benefits for themselves. The students unions are the working platform for the creation of good leaders from among the students. Most of our political leaders and their leadership qualities are the direct contribution of the students' organisations. Quality leaders from the educated elite of colleges and universities can lead our country to progress.

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    I think Student Unions are a must in the colleges and universities. These unions can play a very constructive role in upliftment of the colleges/universities and can serve as a link between the management and the student community for creating a congenial atmosphere in the campus. Unfortunately, it does not happen every time. Since many political parties are connected with these unions, there is lot of political interference which negates the very purpose for which these unions are constituted. Non-political nature of unions can be tried out and the elected leader can be educated about the demarcation of roles they need to play as union leaders.

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