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    Pollution and public awareness programmes

    We all know that pollution is the burning issue faced by us in our day to day life. What all things we can do to minimize or reduce the effects of pollution?

    Pollution turned to be a life threatening issues. Each end everyone should work towards it in order to reduce pollution and public awareness is the one best tool by which we can make people to make an effort towards pollution.There are many kinds of pollution. Do you think that the awareness programmes will have a huge impact in the common people by which the pollution can be controlled?

    Let us discuss the methods which can be applied to limit the effects of pollution.

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    Pollution should be controlled. It is leading to life threatening diseases and ill health. Awareness programmes should be conducted, these will help the common man get to know the adverse effects of pollution. This will teach them to reduce, reuse and recycle. Industries cause a lot of air pollution, the use of tall chimneys should be done for good dispersion of smoke and the other harmful gases. Open fires should be avoided. Use of low grade coal should be restricted.

    To prevent soil pollution use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers should be reduced. Crop rotation and multiple cropping pattern should be followed, cutting of the trees should be stopped and reforestation should be encouraged.

    To prevent sound pollution, use of loudspeakers, loud music and fire crackers should be minimized and kept within the decibel limit. Above all, environment friendly goods should be used by all.

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