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    Giving pocket money to students is good or bad

    In the beginning students are not given pocket money.Due to the advancement in technology, tranport charge and for safety measures parents started giving pocket money.Many school going students are given pocket money which was used by some students in wrong way.Parents used to give pocket money for bus fare and to use it during emergency conditions.But students are using it for smoking,buying tobacco etc.Even some students are spending it for drinking wine and playing games without even going to school.This is not fair on the students side.On seeing all these activities there rises a question whether to give them pocket money for them again.I request you to provide your views about this topic.
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    Pocket money should be given but the amount should be limited. There is no harm in giving a reasonable amount of pocket money by the parents to their children as long as the money is used for good purpose. However instead of the requirement of Rs.10 by a student as pocket, the parents become very liberal and give the child Rs.100, it is surely going to spoil the habits of the child who may indulge in spending the money extravagantly on unwanted things. Such a child is also likely to squander away the money among his friends.
    Pocket money is not a big amount that can be misused. The students are at a tender age so they should be guided, loved and trusted. We should help them have an all round growth. Curtailing on small things will only snatch their enthusiasm and excitement for life.
    The student should be watched by the parents or guardian to help him/her make the best use of the money he/she has. The students should learn self-discipline so that they are not let astray by the small things that may provoke them to go into the wrong path. The students should be given a little freedom to buy things of their likings or be able to give presents or small gifts in the occasion of the birthday, etc.

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