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    Which environment bring up a student in a disciplined manner? Home or Hostel?

    When parents feel their children are mischievous and naughty they will tend to put their children in hostel. In hostel they are independent and they really miss the care and affection from their parents, this situation favors them to get into wrong habits.

    In my view Children spend most of their times in Schools and books, when they are free they tend to excite and they enjoy the moment. Parents should consider their frame of mind and allow them to enjoy the moments which they get rarely in this world. There are reasons where children should stay in hostel and there is no other way in that conditions its fine. So Parents please don't put your children in hostel because they are uncontrollable or mischievous.

    I ask the members to share their views on this thread.
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    The decision of sending a kid into a hostel or not entirely depends on the environment of the home they stay in and the time and effort the parents are willing to sacrifice to take care of their child. If both the parents are working and have to go out of station every now and then, then it becomes an obligation to send the kid to some place where he cannot be disturbed by his parents' routine. I also second the fact that a kid should not be sent to a hostel just because he is uncontrollable and does not listen.After the analyzing age they can go to to hostel.In hostel they can learn many things like caring of others,Union,sharing,ego details.
    So both can give discipline to student that vary upon the student age,Understanding skills.

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    I think the decision to put a child to hostel should not be based on the uncontrollable or mischievous activities of the child. Many children are mischievous by nature and it is a good sign of activeness and agility of a child. If the child is uncontrollable then it may have to do something with the rearing practices in the family. If it requires services of a counsellor may be sought rather than sending a child to the hostel. In earlier years of schooling the child will miss the emotional bond with parents if put to hostel. As the child grows and is capable of taking independent decision the option of hostel can be exercised. In any case majority to of the students go to hostel for higher studies.

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