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    Do you make a plan before starting something?

    Do you make a plan before starting something? I have known many friends of mine who have an habit of noting everything in a small notebook; from what they did today to what they want to do tomorrow.

    Sometimes I feel that this habit is really good thing to start; and I am happy to say that my husband have this habit; but I lack it. I follow timetable; but not in a very organized way; but need to start.

    What about you? Are you the one who plan each and everything before you actually start it or you simply get started?
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    Yes, always. Actually there are many tasks to done every day. I would prefer jotting those down on a scribbling book. Then I would make a mental map of how to complete those task in an organised way. Some of these are sequenced on priority basis, the others location-wise and so on. I think it is a good habit and helpful too.

    Mallika, try it, you would love it.

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    According to me in Life without planning,You can not achieves Yours goals.I always plan before doing any kind of task.

    Planning is very important before starting any work. It not only saves time but also clarifies that what is required to be done. A person who does not plan, mixes up the thing in hurry which sometimes creates more problem. Planning helps us to do the work in a sequential order and in organized form. It makes the work of a person very easy. Before any starting any work, I know that what I have to do and what is the process or approach that I need to follow.

    In our daily life, we do several things, which needs planning. Suppose, it is cooking. I need to plan, that what has to be cooked for dinner. Then accordingly, I decide the time and plan my process. Similarly, the other works need proper planning.

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    Yes, I do make plans for everything before startng, but unfortunately I rarely follow those plans perfectly. I plan carefully to do any work but when I am halfway through that work I think that my original plan is not suitable for that work and change my plan according to the situtation. In most of the cases I plan instantaneously, i.e. plan about anything at that moment. In my case, almost every time instantaneous plans have worked greatly and rewarded me richly rather than previously laid careful plans. This may not be true in the case of everyone. Some people may plan everything before starting the work, anticipating the situations that they may encounter in the work and they have plans to tackle such problems. But I always plan at the moment and have found success always.

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