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    Do you believe in wearing only branded clothes?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Do you believe in wearing only branded clothes?'

    I have seen so many people who simply believe in wearing branded clothes and that is not enough; they also believe to say to as many people as they meet; which is really out of the mind to such people for sure.

    What is your belief in this? Are you also the one who believe that branded clothes are the only thing you can think of; or do you believe in going for cheap causal clothes as a new trend to set and to go for?

    Whatever your view is do let all us know.
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    Not necessarily. If the clothes are elegant then brand is immaterial. Not all branded clothes may be elegant. It is the question of satisfaction. Branded clothes are normally costlier. If cost is the main factor to decide the quality of a cloth, then branded clothes may be the best.

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    I would say going for branded clothes is always a better option. I was not using branded clothes before. I thought it will be very costly and why to waste money in those branded clothes. After few months of buying local clothes I took a decision of buying only branded items in everything. The local clothes will be nice only for first use. After washing it will give very different appearance. It will be painful to see such things. So always go for branded clothes which will be worth for cost and the quality will speak even after years.Dont waste your earned money in local shops. Always go for branded things. Once you go for branded clothes you will be satisfied and you will never go for others.

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    I don't give much attention to my clothes at any moment. The only thing that I want about the clothes is that they should be clean and decent. The brand of the clothes is not important. The only thing is that we should wear clean and decent clothes. In many colleges I have seen both girls and boys dressing up themselves in a very indecent and disgusting way. They are all branded clothes and they think that that is the fashion today! I don't know what that fashion is. If there is no decency in our dresses, what kind of fashion is that? There is a dress sense and the way to wear dress according to the situation. We should regard the situation with great care and wear dresses which are clean and decent, but there is no need to look at into the brand of the clothes.

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