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    Anticipate traffic mistakes from others on roads. Drive safely with vigil

    Anticipate traffic mistakes from others on roads. Drive safely with vigil. With banks and finance companies rushing up to finance the two wheeler, the takers are more now and especially the youth without proper learning of vehicles are taking the new ones and testing them on main road without properly following traffic rules. Though we are quite sure about driving, we must always anticipate traffic mistakes from others and try to be alert.After all some is waiting for us at the home. So make ourselves free to reach the home safely.
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    Very true. These days the number of vehicles have outnumbered the members present in the family. A husband has a car and a bike. A wife has a scooty or a moped. Grown up children too have Motor cycles. Small children have cycles. Government started giving free cycles to school and college going children. So, every house has a minimum of four vehicle at home. Also, the rich have very many vehicles, and they taste every newly introduced vehicles.

    As you said there may be good riders/drivers, at the same time there could be useless riders/drivers who does not follow traffic rules and regulations. They are the agents of Lord Yama to take away the life of other drivers who follow road safety rules.

    Members, let us be very careful while riding/driving our vehicles. The Yama or Kala comes from the front or from the rear or from the sides.

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    I am sure all of us drive vehicles with an intention to reach our destinations safely. In the process we try to drive skillfully and do lot of negotiations with other vehicles to avoid any accident. This is in our interest and also in the interest of public on road. But in spite of all these good intentions many accident take place. Many a times there is a lapse on our part to judge the mistakes of others. This inability to anticipate the mistakes of others proves fatal at times. So while learning driving a special emphasis needs to be laid on the precautions which includes how to anticipate the mistakes of others and drive safely.

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