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    Which environment brings up a student in a disciplined manner? Home or Hostel

    When parents feel their children are mischievous and naughty, they will tend to put their children in hostel. In hostel they are independent and they really miss the care and affection from their parents, this situation favors them to get into wrong habits.
    In my view Children spend most of their times in Schools and books, when they are free they tend to excite and they enjoy the moment. Parents should consider their frame of mind and allow them to enjoy the moments which they get rarely in this world. There are reasons where children should stay in hostel and there is no other way in that conditions its fine. So Parents please don't put your children in hostel because they are uncontrollable or mischievous.
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    Home brings up a student in a disciplined manner. A student will be under the supervision of parents if he/she is in home. Good habits should be taught to students at the early age. Only then he/she will not go in wrong path after growing. Students will know to differentiate between good and bad only because of parent's guidance. A student grown in home will be good even if he/she is left in a bad hostel environment. Students should not be left in hostels at the early age. In hostels a students will get distracted towards bad things more easily .It is the responsibility of the student to be in control while residing in hostels. If a student is taught Smoking is bad during childhood days in home, they won't get attracted towards smoking much easily. So Home is the best place.

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    According to me, home environment is always better than the hostel environment. In home, we are with our parents and we can get the right type of nutricious food and that is the most important thing in the life of any person. I have myself spent nearly one year in the hostel and struggled a lot in the hostel. Food and water are the main problematic things in the hostel. Even though water is availabe, sometimes it is not fit for drinking and the food is always of very poor quality. Many times I have seen cockroaches and lizards in the hostel food. Besides that, the students there have no decency or common sense at all. They sing and dance the whole night in an inebriated condition and disturbs the other students also. I am not saying that all the students are like that, But a couple of such students are enough to spoil the entire environment. So as far as possible, the home environment should be preferred over hostel as we are always safe and comfortable in home.

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