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    Why 20 rupees looks so big while giving to poor and small while giving as tips in hotel?

    I feel this thread will make everyone to think and help the poor and needy. Many people are having helping tendency in this world and it's very happy to see them helping others treating them as their own relation. But many of us are giving more money in hotels compared to poor.Waiters in hotel are given salary by their owner then why you are paying them additionally? Is it fair to pay a person who is already paid by his owner?

    Daily many people are doing these things. Before giving tips to waiter just think for 5 seconds about the poor people who are longing for 5rs for having a piece of bread .Daily you many see many kids residing in platforms .Why can't we give the money to them instead of giving it as tips. Those who didn't give till now just try and see. You will feel the happiness and satisfaction in their eyes. Getting blessing and few words of happiness from those poor people whole heatedly will make you live forever. I request all of you to stop giving tips in hotels and fill the longing eyes around you with happiness. Before dying let us make someone to live and die with that true happiness. I am doing it Will you?
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    I have seen many able bodied men and women begging on the roads. The fact is that they want to earn easy money. Even when offered jobs to work, they are not willing to do so. We do feel like to give money to the genuine beggars who suffer from several infirmities and are not able to work. But what about a young woman, with a child in her arms and another child walking along with her. I offered the woman an ayah's job in a school. A passerby who perhaps knew the woman better than me remarked, "Sir, this woman doesn't want to work but wants to earn the money the easy way". So, it is not the question of Rs.20 becoming small or big, it is the question whether you want to encourage begging by giving money to such beggars or not. At least the waiter has done some service for you, what does the beggar does. We don't even know how the money given to them by us, is used. We do give to the needy. I remember giving Rs.200 to a stranger who had lost his ticket and had to travel to his home along with a younger sister.

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    This is the most revelent question in today's world. There is no doubt that our mentality is exactly like that. But what is the reason behind it? I don't know, even though I also have such a mentality to some extent! It is perhaps the mentality of man to show his richness in the hotel in front of theothers. They usually don't have sympathy towards the poor people. Even the beggars have their own dignity and we have to respect that. We may not give them money, but we have to think that they too are human beings like us nad we should not blame them with harsh words. Giving tips in hotels doesn't make rich or poor, and giving it to a beggar will also neither make us rich or poor. But giving the money to any needy person at the time of his crisis shows our richness of heart. We need to develop the richness of heart rather than richness of money or property.

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