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    In what conditions you chants and remembers the name of God?

    We people has the habit of visiting temples and offering prayers to God. We even doe the same procedure at our homes also. Majority of us has the habit of chanting and remembering God's name for to eradicate our sorrows and problems. We even offer prayers and poojas to God for our success in education and career and other fields. Majority of us chants God's name in problematic and sorrow conditions itself. When we are happy we never remembers God's name we even forgets God in our happy moments. In my opinion every individual have to chant and remember God's name same equally in both happy and sorrow conditions. Members share your views regarding this.
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    Majoriy of us remember God only when we are in big trouble. When we are happy, we don't. That is so true. But still, there are many people who says 'thank God' when they are happy.Some chant the name of god when they go for interview .Some chant when they are nervous.But i usually chant the name of god when there is a tight call between the cricket matches of India with other teams.After 28 years India won the world cup and when i was watching the match i could see nearly all the people sitting in the stadium and were praying or we can say that were enchanting the name of god .And the result was there India won the worldcup after twenty eight years. It is imperative to bring the concept of God in each and every sphere of life.

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    I feel really ashamed at this question because I remember the god only when I am in serious problem. I am myself not sure whether I believe in god or not. But I have always got rich rewards whenever I prayed to god. But I feel myself guilty of remembering god only whenever I am in distress. It is the mentality of common man to remember god only at the time of distress, soldiers only at the time of war and doctors only when they are sick. I am also not an exception to that. When I was a student, I used to remember god only when the exams approached and that too when the papers were tough. Even now also, I remember god only when I am in serious problem regarding my work and without failure I have always god good results for believing god. I have decided that I should remember god everyday atleast in future, but I don't know for how long I would be able to do that.

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