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    Anger is the Enemy to the way of success. Do you agree?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Anger is the Enemy to the way of success. Do you agree?'

    I have seen so many people in my life who are really no able to control their anger because of which they do lose good opportunities in their life and sometimes their loved ones also.

    Do you think that such an anger is good for anybody in this world. I will say to such person that they should calm down and should not react to all small things in their life and to sit back and relax; what do you think?
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    Yes, I agree with your statement. One should hold one's nerve and try to stay cool and composed in the adverse situations of life. But sometimes people forget about this and reacts in such a way that they bring troubles for themselves and for others. Anger never does anything good and it has it's own affect over our mind and health. It also leads one to lose one's near and dear ones. It affects those who goes through anger and those who are in the receiving end. At certain unwelcome situations of life one should try to maintain one's cool and give enough reasons to oneself any cool down. Besides, if one can approach to situations calmly and try to explain things to others rather than getting excited it would certainly help the cause. Time has now come for each and every one of us to deal with things like rage, anger in an efficient way. We should be mentally prepared that no matter what the situation is we should try to maintain our cool and never get to loose temper. Doing meditation and yoga regularly will certainly going to help the cause as these activities help to keep ourselves relaxed for long time and helps in increasing our patience.

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    Yes, absolutely right. I agree with the fact that anger is the biggest hindrance in our way to success. We have to try to control anger as far as possible, because anger not only increases our blood pressure and tension but also increases the tension of the others also. By anger we can't gain anything, but only lose everything. I was also having a lot of anger earlier but now I have learnt about the ill-effects of anger and have reduced it to a great extent. When we are angry, we lose the ability to think about anything seriously. that will make our problems only bigger and thus it hinders our progress.
    By anger, we lose our health, our relatives, our friends, etc and even we may lose our life also! This may seem a little bit exaggerated at first sight but there are chances that we may lose our health and that may result in loss of life. This is not only ironical, but there is something to think seriously behind it. We should try to reduce our anger as much as possible.

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