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    Why morning breakfast is ignored? Is it good or bad?

    In today's world most people are not having breakfast. Students are not having breakfast saying that they have exams in morning. Many people who are working in companies also not having breakfast even though they have time .It has become a habit for most people. Many students are fainting and falling down from buses because of not having breakfast. We are giving more importance to work compared to food habits. Professionals are not having proper timing to have their breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even we don't give importance to food habits we are subjected to suffer from ulcer and many other diseases. Our immune power will also be affected. Doctors always suggest having breakfast is most important. So Eat and then work/read. I request all the members to give your opinion about this thread.
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    I think this is not a good habit not having breakfast in the morning. Actually what happens, first people have no time for breakfast as they often get up late in the morning...same with the students and after some time it becomes a habit of people to not take breakfast even they have time. As we already aware of that having breakfast in the morning is the most important things before starting any work or going to the school. It gives our body much energy that we can work till lunch time. Not having breakfast can cause many problems. So, we must take breakfast each morning to have a good health.

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    Morning breakfast is ignored by our youth today for various reasons. Many people ignore it for dieting reasons and many others ignore because they are busy preparing to go to their duties. If they have to reach their duty place by 10 a.m. in some big cities like Bangalore they must start before 2-3 hours because they need more time to reach the destination because of the traffic. Even I am also not an exception. I ignore my breakfast atleast 4-5 days in a week even though I am not in such a big city. I have my office nearby my home and I need less than 5 minutes to reach the office from my home. But still I ignore my breakfast because I don't have mood to eat it. I know very well that it is not good for health, but still I continue to ignore it. One main reason for it is that I am away from my home and need to eat at hotel and I hate hotel food. I never enjoy it, no matter how delicious it is. So I don't take my breakfast many times and manage to work in the office till 2:30 p.m. without eating anything. Sometimes I get hungry by around 1 p.m. and I feel it quite difficult to sit till 2:30 p.m. So skipping breakfast for any reason is very bad for health.

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