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    Why there is not control on pollution in our country?

    I just want to discuss this topic "Why there is not control on pollution in our country?" to all my friends. There is a pollution control board which restricts itself to installing big hoardings of pollution levels in that particular city. Beyond this act, I could not see any other fruitful work from this board to create awareness of the people. And on our part also we are contributing lots of pollution through vehicle smoke emission. I think there are number of Laws for this,but the implementation is not done in proper way.In our country there are various types of pollution like Sound pollution,Water pollution and so many.I think the Laws are not just enough until and unless we all not make some efforts to control the pollution.Friends, gives your views on this topic.
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    When we speak of pollution, it comes to our mind that there are various types of pollutions, which we humans are facing. If the future generations have to be healthy and active, every individual has to think of the AIR POLLUTION. As laymen, we may not be knowing the amount of tolerable air pollution and the amount of polluted air we are breathing. In places like Hyderabad, if you travel in open auto, you will understand the nauseating polluted air, you are inhaling at the junctions especially, when the traffic halts for signals. The automobiles, are emanating toxic gases, in spite of all the rules and pollution check carried out. There should be social policing by general public who should be powered to stop vehicles which are blowing out smokes through their exhaust pipes. We are well at flouting the rules when it is advantageous to us. Research has to be made to see that a vehicle does not run, if the pollution from the vehicle is more than prescribed limit. This will solve the air pollution to some extent.

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    There is no control for pollution in our country because nobody is bothered about it. All types of pollutions, whether air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution or any other type of pollution needs the active participation of all the people to control it. But in our country people think that controling pollution is the duty of the government or others and they never think that everybody has their own role to play in it. That is the biggest hindrance towards pollution control. We have to bear in mind the fact that anything that we want to be done should be done by ourselves first and then only we have any moral rights to expect the others to do that. So if everybody joins in their hands we can surely control pollution.

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