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    Is identity card necessary in the schools/colleges?

    Identity card are a part and parcel of every student. Every school must provide the student with an identity card. Identity cards are the only medium of identification in case they met any unfavorable situation. In my opinion identity card should be strict in all schools/colleges.Because with identity card a student can be identified.If he met with an accident the authorities could report about the student to their parents.Identity card proves his identity to which he/she belongs to,so it is necessary in the schools/colleges.Each and every student could identified by their ID cards.We should make it possible to make the students to wear the identity cards everyday so as to identify them in any part of the world.
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    Yes identity is the important thing that gives the details of the student. It particularly helps in the accidents where the identity is important. The identity card contains the photo of the individual, his address, contact details of the residence and the school or college details. One can also use the identity card as a address proof in number of occasions such as to buy a new sim card, to open an account in a bank and in several other areas. Identity card is your identity and it should be compulsory for the every student no matter whether the student belong to college or school.I think it will also provide the outsiders to identify us like anyone can know in which school or collage we are studying and also in which class.The Identity card is help full to find us our identity in any kind of misshaping.

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    I think it has to be compulsory for all the students, irrespective of the grade he/she is in or the school or college. I have seen many of the schools in my city have made it compulsory to put display it to enable the security staff to decide whether to permit the student to enter the school premises or not. In addition to the residential address and phone numbers etc. some of the schools have put an emergency number other than home phone number to ensure contacting somebody other than parents or family members. It has more or less become a culture and it is really good for the safety of the students.

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    According to me, there is no need for identity card in the schools or colleges. Everyone in the college knows the student and what is the use of identity card there? The identity cards are said to be possessed by the students always and they should be able to produce that when the lecturers or any other person related to the school/college asks them to produce the card. They also warn them that it will be a violation of the rules and be punishable if they fail to produce the card. That much of imposition of rules is not necessary I think. Even if they produce the identity cards to the students, they should stop forcing the students to have that always. There is no need to have it all the times. Sometimes students may forget that, not intentionally but due to some other reasons, but I have seen many schools and convents punishing the students when they forget the card. That practice has to be stopped.
    Sometimes it may be necessary to have an identity card in school libraries, but they issue borrower's card separately to borrow the books in the library. Then what is the use of the identity card? Many schools have made issuing the identity cards a money making business as I have myself seen in my surroundings. No doubt the parents of those are also rich and are capable of bearing all those expenses, but why should anyone pay for unnecessary reasons?

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